Conditions and requirements

As the route will be driven around Lake Päijänne, the first day of the race is quite long - about 12 hours. First drivers start at around 8.00am from Hotel Tallukka (Tallukantie 1, 17200 Vääksy, Finland). 

"Päitsi" being a true winter-enduro legend, driven usually in the month of March, the season offers temperatures between -10 and +10 degrees celsius. Oftentimes, in the southern parts of the road the drivers come across about 5 to 10 centimeters of snow, where as in the most northermost parts there might be 50 centimeters of snow - or even more! 

As the race consists of numerous tests, the drivers will get to test their strengths and weaknesses. Some of the tests are long, up to 25 kilometers. The distances between the tests can also get quite long as they will be mostly be driven on public roads. Note that the traffic regulations must be followed! The time table is arranged for the drivers to follow the speed limits. 

Because the overtaking other drivers can get quite difficult in the deep snow, Päijänne enduro is using a so-called "rally timetable" - each rider gets a new TC time based n the time the driver passes the ET finish line. If the driver passes others during the ET, they will get a new earlier TC time than the drivers overtaken. 

What to pack? 

- Winter tyres with studs are needed. During both days there will be one additional place for tyre change. 

- Extra easy-to-put-on clothing for the low temperatures, special technical underwear is recommended

- Recommended by other drivers: Heated grips and special boot bottoms 

- A helmet light 

- Well planned food with a schedule: Enough energy, enough salt and very easy to digest! 

Shared servicing is available for the riders for an extra fee. The servicing covers fueling, drinking, food and tool at every refuelling station.