The comission


DATE: 16 - 17.3.2024
ORGANIZER: Helsingin Moottorikerho r.y.

Classes: SM classes: E1 (A1, B1), E2 (A2, B2), E3 (A3, B3)

In the competition, points are awarded separately for both days.

National classes: C16, C21, C40, V40, V50, V60, V70, K, Women, Classic (1994 and older), pairs
ROUTE: A, B, C, V40, V50, V60

Saturday 16.3.2024 Asikkala-Heinola-Sysmä-Hartola-Joutsa-Luhanka-Jämsä-Kuhmoinen-Padasjoki-Evo-Asikkala. Length approx. 450 km.

Sunday 17.3.2024 Asikkala-Hollola-Hausjärvi-Hyvinkää-Mäntsälä-Järvenpää-Tuusula-Vantaa. Length approx. 250 km.

V70, K, pairs, Women and Classic will drive the Trophy race route, which is:

Sunday 17.3.24 Asikkala-Hollola-Hausjärvi-Hyvinkää-Mäntsälä-Järvenpää-Tuusula-Vantaa. The length is about 250 km.

Start: Hotel Tallukka, Vääksy.
FINISH: Vantaa Vauhtikeskus
16.3 - 17.3.2024 Hotel Tallukka, Vääksy.
TIME SCHEDULE: Starting times for the first competitor:
Departure Vääksy Sat 16.3. at 08:01
Departure Vääksy Su 17.3. at 08:31

A, B and V40 will race on their own schedule
C-, V50- and V60- will race on their own schedule
V70, K, Women, pairs and Classic will run on their own schedule.
EXCEPTIONS: The deadline for registration is Saturday 2.3.2024 at 23:59.

The race will be run using the so-called rally rule, where MK times are also used as AT times (enduro rulebook 2021 061.8.3).
A competitor who drops out or is disqualified on Saturday may continue the race on Sunday, but will not get the recognition for Päijänne Circuit race. Saturday and Sunday are their own SM- races and will have their own results.

A rider who has dropped out must notify the race office before 22:00 on Saturday 16.3. (phone 0400 - 817015) of his intention to come to the rally. The same motorcycle must be brought to the re-inspection that was inspected at the pre-competition inspection. Competition surveyor
will check the frame numbers. Except for the frame, other parts shall be changed between inspections.
After Saturday's section, the motorcycle must be left in a closed garage overnight.

All helmets used in the race must be approved at the inspection.

The competitor may only receive and hand over equipment at official service points or at the organiser's premises designated by the organiser. A map of these areas will be provided to the competitors by e-mail.

When driving in the dark, it is permitted to remove the front number plate in order to make space for possible additional headlights.
The front number plate may be removed during Saturday's leg at the Jämsä assembly stop or afterwards.

Motorcycles must also be equipped with low and high beam headlights on sections in the dark. On dark sections
the race organiser may arrange for an inspection of the headlights. The scrutineer will not allow the rider to continue competition if the motorcycle's lights are not working.

The 60 km service intervals used in the race are indicated in the service instructions.

The timetables for the transition sections are designed so that, by following the traffic rules, the next AT-station without time penalties. When weather conditions change such that a slower pace in traffic is required for safe driving, the Jury may allow additional time for transition sections.

To ensure that competitors do not unnecessarily rush in traffic, a competitor may be late for an AT-station by 0-5 minutes without incurring a time penalty. For delays exceeding this 5 minute limit, the competitor will receive a time penalty of 1 minute for each full minute.

For all categories, the time limit for lateness on both days is 60 minutes. The organiser will provide the competitor with a personalised timetable from which the time limit will be calculated.

ROUTE MARKERS The route markers to be used will be published on the electronic notice board of the competition.

CHANGING TYRES During the race, competitors in categories A, B and V40 may change their tyres on Saturday 16.3. at the assembly break in Jämsä and at the evening service in Vääksy and on Sunday 17.3. at the assembly break in Hyvinkää. Changing a tyre elsewhere is considered as outside assistance and will lead to exclusion from the race (not for inner tyres, which may be changed in accordance with SML rules).
C, V40, V50 and V60 tyres may be changed at the evening service in Vääksy.

In this competition, time penalties will be given in addition to the SML enduro rules for the following situations:
Riding in public traffic using a helmet light, time penalty 100 seconds.

A, B, C, V40, V50, V60 Fri 15.3.2024 from 16:00 to 20:00 and Re-inspection if necessary from 06:30 on Sun 17.3.2024.
Motorcycles will be left after the inspection in a closed depot.

V70, K, Women, Pairs, Classic on Saturday evening 16.3.2024 from 18:00 to 20:00 and on Sunday 17.3. from 06:30 at the latest 30 minutes before the starting time of the competitor. Motorcycles will be left in the closed pit garage after the inspection.

Sound measurements will also be taken during the competition.


Helsinki Motorcycle Club
Helsinki Motorcycle Club c/o Mervi Sillman
Graniittitie 6 A 1
00710 Helsinki


ENTRY FEES: A, B, C, V40, V50, V60 315 €

V70, K, Women, Pair (both drivers) and Classic 170 €
No late registrations

BANK DETAILS: FI61 5723 4740 0117 77, BIC OKOYFIHH