Päitsi Trophy


What is Päitsi Trophy?

The new Päitsi Trophy -route provides enduro riders a new opportunity to experience the legendary Race around lake Päijänne. Päitsi Trophy -route is shorter than the actual Päitsi and riders don´t need to drive in the dark. Riders will compete in different classes and they also compete who´s gonna be the winner of Päitsi Trophy.

It´s never been this easy to experience what it is to ride in difficult winter conditions in Finland and feel the "great Finnish enduro adventure"!

Päitsi Trophy concists also of two competition days. On Saturday the route starts from Vierumäki and goes around following traditional Päitsi special stages: ET1 Vierumäki, ET2 Matkakeidas, ET3 Vesivehmaa and ET4 Evo. From Evo the Trophy route goes via Pulkkilanharju to Kukkolanmäki where it unites to the actual Päitsi route. After that Päitsi Trophy riders will take the last three special stages before the night break in Vierumäki: ET14 Ravioskorpi, ET15 Marjoniemi ja ET16 Vierumäki.

On Sunday Päitsi Trophy takes the riders from Vierumäki to Lavanko, Vantaa, where is the finish line. Current plan is that Sunday concists of eight special stages: ET17 Vierumäki, ET 18 Pälli, ET19 Ruuhijärvi, ET21 Huhdanoja, ET23 Jussinkorpi, ET24 Ilomaa, ET26 Annivaara and ET28 Lavanko. 

First Trophy rider starts at 9:33 am on Saturday and finishes the first competition day at 17:08 pm. On Saturday the route is totally 235 kilometers long and the riding time is around seven and a half hours. On Sunday first rider starts at 10:03 am and finishes at 17:49 pm. The route is on Sunday totally around 200 kilometers long and the riding day will be around eight hours.

You can take part in Päitsi Trophy in following classes: D (women), K, Classic and "pariajo". The rider does not have to change the tyres by himself/herself on Päitsi Trophy.

In class "pariajo" two riders competes together and therefore you can combine your skills with your friend!

Shared service and coverall service provides riders the easiest way to take care of all service needed during the weekend.

Contact persons:

Clerk of the course/Sauli Nordling, 040 504 0333
Helsingin Moottorikerho/Kenneth Laaksonen, 050 380 8430
Head of the route/Jouni Koutonen, 0400 221151

Welcome to Finland to experience the great Finnish adventure, Päitsi!